A Drawing Everyday

Had to upload this as I’ve packed my scanner ready to return to Plymouth tomorrow.
This is the view I’m going to see tomorrow, from the window of student halls

I have drawn this from the book ‘The Greedy Zebra’ by Mwenye Hadithi and Andrienne Kennaway. One of my all time favourite books! I created this image using acrylic paints and a fine liner pen, then took it to photoshop. 
- Jordy :) 


Today’s drawing is lots of little drawings on teabag paper.


It’s my mum’s birthday today (happy birthday mum), so I chose this that I created. Happy birthday to whoever’s birthday it is today :) 

Happy Friday the 13th

Koi’s crying an ocean

Here Is a little book I made for my boyfriend one day, I designed the cover too. Nothing interesting…

misshapen ink lady

I know, I know I have already posted a picture today…But I’ve just finished my Book cover design for mine and Raych’s project - P.S, Raych yours is AWESOME :)

Hope you like mine as much.
-Jordy x 

It’s 4:15AM and I can’t sleep, why not post todays picture up now :) 
-Jordy x 

I’m in Dorset for the week so in the absence of my scanner, I shall be using my archive of old work. This is one of my favourites from the first time I did screen printing.. there’s a whole series and I love ‘em.

It’s cool to feel like this sometimes :)
- Jordy 


Letters are just marks with meaning…
Jordy x 

you do :)

-R x

In moments of doubt, imagine yourself charging through your worst fears on the back pegasus…I do.
- Jordy